19 Jan 2021 | Motorvaps

7 Tips Every Driver Should Know about Maintenance

We all know the importance of regular servicing and maintenance of our vehicles and how the well-being of the vehicle depends on these factors, but when it comes to the basics, we usually seek and turn to others for help.
Here are 7 tips to help you become independent and self-sufficient when it comes to knowing what your vehicle needs to stay in optimum running condition.

1. Changing tyres:

Ensure your tyres pressure is inflated correctly and accurately. A 2018 report states that 75% of millennials do not know how to change a tyre. Follow these instructions when needing to change your tyre:

  • Ensure the vehicle is parked on a level ground
  • The vehicle should be in the correct gear
  • Handbrake is up
  • The vehicle is switched off
  • It helps to loosen the nuts on the wheel a little before lifting the car up with the jack.

2. Check the oil:

The oil is a very important feature of the vehicle. It keeps the engine clean, ensures it’s working smoothly and protects the internal components from wearing out. Always ask the petrol attendant to check your oil and water whenever you decide to fill up.

3. Speed dial:

Having all emergency contacts saved on your phone can only benefit you in the long run. Should you find yourself stranded on the side of the road, having your insurer on speed dial for Roadside Assistance can save you a great deal of stress and worry.

4. Emergency Kit:

This kit comes in handy when you least expect it, so the importance of having one in your vehicle is huge. Some basic tools that should be included in the kit are:

  • Mobile charger
  • Flashlight with spare batteries
  • Basic Toolkit should include a screwdriver, duct tape, cable ties, and any other tools you think may be important.
  • Warm top or blanket
  • Sanitary items such as wet wipes
  • Warning Devices should include reflective triangles, LED beacons, and don’t forget the jump pack and tow rope.
  • First-aid Kit
  • Drinkable Water

5. Maintenance, maintenance, maintenance:

Servicing your vehicle regularly guarantees it’s always running smoothly and fuel efficiently and will help identify any mechanical or electrical issues before they occur. Maintaining the well-being of your vehicle could also increase the resale value and the vehicle’s lifespan.

6. Clean windows:

Refilling the windshield wiper fluid will ensure your windows are clean at all times for a clear view of the roads. To refill the fluid yourself simply lift up the bonnet, look for a container that has a windshield wiper and water symbol on the cap, fill that container with fluid and be sure to close the cap very tightly once you are done refilling.

7. The manual guide is a must-have:

Make sure your vehicle’s manual guide is in the glove compartment in case you find yourself in a roadside emergency or if you are in doubt and need some clarification.

For many of us being strong and independent is a hard task, particularly these days because technology has made a lot of things much easier for us. It is therefore important that we constantly improve and expand our knowledge of all things, this includes knowing and understanding what it means to take care of our vehicles and ensuring it is always safe and roadworthy.

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