16 Feb 2021 | Motorvaps

Car Warning Signs are There for a Reason

Motorists should pay attention to warning signs in some of the most common areas like brakes, tyre care, warning signals, windscreen damage, steering mechanism, oil consumption, radiator, starter motor and fuel economy, advises the National Chairman of the Motor Industry Workshop Association (MIWA), Dewald Ranft and has pointed out the importance of scheduled car maintenance.

“Rather than leaving a small issue to develop into an inconvenient breakdown, always be alert for any tell-tale niggles. Attending to minor maintenance issues pro-actively can avoid extensive collateral damage to other parts,” he says.

Take note of the following warning signs:

Red, Flashing Lights and Warning signals – Learn it, love it, live it!

Every car model has different alert signals on the dashboard. It would be best to study the owner’s manual to expand your knowledge about warning signals and lights. If you are unsure of a certain warning signal, seek advice from a professional mechanic.

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The only way you’re going anywhere is because of your starter motor…

If there are any signs that the starter motor might give you problems, you need to attend to it as a matter of urgency.  There are various reasons that could lead to its failure; therefore, it will need to be assessed by a professional. The fault could be as a result of the motor mechanism itself, an electrical issue or damage to the solenoid.

Carefully manage the fuel consumption

We need to avoid unnecessary high fuel consumption and yes, sensible driving habits can reduce excessive consumption. These are a few methods that could be useful:

  • Limit excessive weight and drag.
  • Make sure the fuel cap is tightly locked.
  • Stick to the regular due services.
  • Fill up fuel and oil type as prescribed by the manufacturer.
  • Check tyre pressure regularly, so that it’s accurate to the carload and road conditions.
  • Do not idle, if not necessary.

Noisy Brake pads, not a good sign.

When the brakes start to squeak or develop a grinding sound ensure that you get them checked by a professional mechanic immediately. Brakes are an essential safety feature for any vehicle, worn-out brake pads can cause costly damages to the brake discs. “The more serious and costly result when ignored, would be brake failure at a critical moment,” says Ranft.

Take heed of the warning signs, tyre care is fundamental.

If there is a vibration on the steering wheel when driving on an even road, have it looked at immediately to avoid further damage. Uneven wear can be an indication of alignment or suspension issues. Always ensure to rotate the tyres according to the manufacturer’s specifications whenever the car gets an oil change or goes for its regular service.

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Cracked Windscreen, definitely not safe.

If your windscreen has a small crack, it can grow and can become a safety hazard. Replace your damaged windscreen as soon as possible to avoid any unexpected incidents.

Damaged radiators – Replace it ASAP!

Ensure your radiator is always in the best conditions. Should there be any signs of leakage, replace the radiator unit immediately. Do this and save your engine from overheating which could leave you with costly damages.

Avoid the possibility of your oil light shining.

If you find yourself using too much oil, then there is a big possibility that there is a fault with the engine. When the oil light is grabbing your attention, that means you are in the danger zone and should get an approved mechanic to replace the oil and oil filter as soon as possible.

Having this knowledge can only benefit you when the unexpected happens. It is also important to constantly take heed of the maintenance for the vehicle. This ensures all car owners can have peace of mind when on the roads. It ensures safety for the driver and passengers and makes good economic sense. So, avoid disappointment and save money by always keeping your vehicle in optimum condition!