10 Feb 2021 | Motorvaps

Driver Safety Tips from Motorvaps

Living in a country that is rated very high in the world when it comes to crime, means most South Africans are extremely aware of their surroundings and home safety. Between 2018 and 2019 around 32 000 incidents of hijacking were reported according to Stats SA. This is why we would like to share some important guidelines to keep extra safe and prevent dangerous situations on the roads.

Securely Lock All Valuables in your Boot

Make sure that anything in eyesight or that may be of value is locked away and doesn’t motivate anyone to try and break into your vehicle.

Leave a Gap with the Vehicle in Front of You

If you are traveling in an unsafe area and there is a need for you to get away from an attacker or a potential hijacker – it is vitally important to ensure there is always an escape plan in place. Make sure to leave at least a vehicle space between you and the vehicle in front of you for an easy getaway.

Make Sure your Doors are Locked

This might seem like an obvious one but, there are many ways to be tricked into thinking that your vehicle is locked. Thieves have tried and tested everything, including key jamming.  Always confirm that your vehicle is properly locked before walking away.

Be Aware of your Surroundings

Check your surroundings before getting out of your vehicle. Attackers may be watching your every move from a hidden spot or quiet area and will approach if they find an opportunity. Drive around if you feel that you are being watched.

DO NOT Unlock your Vehicle from a Distance

Don’t give anyone time to reach your vehicle before you do. Only unlock your vehicle once you are at least a few feet away or better yet once you’ve reached the door.

Consider Getting an Automatic Gate

If you feel unsafe when turning into your driveway – give yourself the option of driving inside rather than having to get out of your vehicle to unlock or open your gate. This could provide an opportunity for an attacker to jump in your vehicle while your engine is still running.

Anti-smash and grab

This is a key safety feature to have on all vehicle windows to prevent hijackers from gaining access. Having a protection film on your windows gives you extra time to escape an attack. Especially if you find yourself at a traffic light or stop sign – where most vehicles are targeted.

We all have somewhere to go and someone to see, but in certain areas, you can never be too careful. Staying alert and aware on the roads and taking some of these guidelines into account with every journey will guarantee a stress-free and serene drive, no matter where you’re going!

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