29 Mar 2021 | Motorvaps

OEM parts versus Aftermarket Automotive Parts

Everyone can agree that our cars are valuable assets, and if they break down, we look for the best maintenance or repair job that fits our budget. This leads to a decision about whether to use “genuine” parts or cheaper “replica” parts. Over the years, there has been an opinion that OEM parts are far better than aftermarket car parts.  What the consumer never realises is that the parts used in the production of a car are exactly the same parts sold through aftermarket distributors.

What are OEM Car Parts?

OEM parts are components engineered by the car manufacturer using the exact specifications. Due to the need of the many components needed for each car model, the manufacture must produce for multiple global suppliers.


  • OEM parts are unique to a particular make and model of a car, so there is no need to compare quality and price.
  • They usually come with a one-year warranty.
  • They are always a perfect match for your car.


  • Typically sold through approved dealers only.
  • Parts are likely to cost much more than aftermarket parts.
  • OEM parts are not always superior in quality to aftermarket parts.

What are aftermarket car parts?

These are generally produced by third-party manufacturers for a wide range of car models. Sometimes, these parts are produced by the original manufacturer which normally includes replacement parts and accessories. Aftermarket car parts are usually cheaper, although they may be equal to OEM parts in quality and performance.


  • They cost much less than OEM parts.
  • The choice of servicing and repair of cars can be left to the consumer.
  • Sometimes, aftermarket parts are of the same quality or better than OEM parts especially those manufactured by leading brands.


  • Those produced by unknown or inferior brands could result in poor performance or car failure due to possibly not being of the same standard as OEM parts. Stick with reliable brands as the cheapest isn’t always best.

Dirk Louw, our Sales Director says: “While OEM parts are specifically designed for your car, there are certain aftermarket parts that might be better suited for that specific component. Your mechanic from an RMI-approved workshop will advise which part will be best for your car.”

The average consumer is not well-informed regarding automotive brands. Therefore, they would normally place their trust in car dealers to make the decisions for them. Alternatively, the consumer can do the necessary research to find a trustworthy aftermarket parts supplier who will supply them with the right advice, therefore saving on costs without a compromise on quality.

If you’re worried about which is best and the costs of repairs, a Motorvaps warranty will cover you in the event of an unforeseen breakdown and offers roadside assistance as an added benefit! Find out more or call 0860 252 797.