11 Mar 2021 | Motorvaps

What to do if your Tyre Bursts

The last thing any of us expect is for our tyre to burst on the way to work, home or wherever you headed off to. However, these things do happen and most times we are not prepared, without thought we push the brakes and swerve off the road. This is not the best way to handle a tyre blow out, in fact, it is exactly the opposite as braking instantly could cause the car to spin or even roll.

Why Does a Tyre Burst?

A tyre burst can be caused by various reasons but one of the most common reasons is an under-inflated tyre. Other reasons include potholes, ageing tyres that haven’t been repaired or replaced as they should be, consistent high-speed driving as this causes the tyres to overheat and of course incorrect tyre threads. In South Africa, it is a legal requirement to ensure that your tyre thread is more than 1.6mm.

Steps to Follow When Your Tyre Bursts:

Keep Calm:

Do your best to remain calm. Especially if you have passengers as you don’t want to alarm anyone but rather fix the problem with a level head. In moments of crisis, it’s easy to shut down but in this case, you will need to proceed with concentration. 

Take Control:

Pumping the brakes and immediately swerving off the road is not the solution. You will need to compensate by pulling the car to one side and continue to steer in the correct direction. This will maintain control of the vehicle and ensure a safe and careful “pull-off.”

Position the steering:

The next thing you need to do is to gently ensure your steering is in position and hold onto the steering wheel as tightly as possible.

Safely pullover:

Keep your foot off acceleration and let the car slow down on its own.
Once your vehicle has calmed down to a slower speed, it will be safer to pull off on the side of the road. If you are able to change your tyre facing away from traffic, do that. If not, just ensure that you manage to pull your car as far to the left of the road as possible to avoid oncoming traffic. It’s absolutely crucial that you make other drivers aware that you have pulled over. Ensure your hazards are on but only once you’ve pulled over.

Tyre change or roadside assistance:

If you can change the tyre yourself, do so and ensure that you have changed it correctly. Otherwise, you will need to call for help. If you have a policy with us, call your roadside assistance and have them tow your vehicle or change the tyre for you. While waiting ensure that you are standing a safe distance away from the road.

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