Mechanical Warranty

Mechanical Warranty

A warranty provides cover for your vehicle's components from sudden and unforeseen mechanical breakdown or electrical failure.

All mechanical warranties administered by Motorvaps are underwritten by Mutual & Federal risk financing, members of the Old Mutual Group.


Extend the life of your vehicle by ensuring your vehicle is covered in the event of sudden and unforeseen mechanical failure.

Multiple components are covered, such as the engine, gearbox, differential, turbo assembly and more.

Frequently asked
Which components are covered from mechanical or electrical failure?

The components are listed under the Components Covered section of the warranty and a summary of components covered can be found on the Schedule of Benefits or Components Covered section of your policy wording.

What are my responsibilities as the vehicle owner?

You must have your vehicle serviced in order to identify potential mechanical failure at an RMI registered facility. It’s required that your vehicle be inspected prior to being added onto the policy, and maintained according to your service centre's requirements.

What must I do in the event of a breakdown?

Stop use of the vehicle immediately, contact Roadside Assistance and have your vehicle towed to your nearest RMI approved repairer. Thereafter inform the repairer that you have a warranty with Motorvaps and contact our claims department to register your claim.