Service Plan

Service Plan

A Service plan covers a vehicle's major and minor service items and labour. It provides cover for the routine upkeep of your vehicle which typically includes the replacement of oils, spark plugs, and various other items required to keep your vehicle in optimum running condition.


We cover all vehicle types and any age and mileage.

A service plan provides a convenient method to budget for the routine servicing of a vehicle to ensure the smooth day to day running of your vehicle.

We offer plans for you to have your vehicle serviced at any RMI or franchised dealership nationwide.

Additional cover is available for items such as brake pads, clutch fluid, fuses, brake sensors, window wipers.

Frequently asked
Are all services the same?

No, services vary, and different items are replaced at defined points in your vehicle’s life cycle. Your typical vehicle will have major and minor services which differ in the amount of work required and cost. Certain vehicles also have cam-belts which need to be replaced and can be extremely costly. If your vehicle has a cam-belt consider including the cam-belt extension in your plan.

Can I cancel a service plan?

Yes, you may cancel a service plan provided you have paid the cancellation fee applicable.

Where can I take my vehicle for a service?

Your vehicle can be taken to any RMI approved facility or workshop such as a Bosch, Speedy, a Car Service City, or a Franchised facility depending on the plan purchased.

Is there a waiting period before I can claim?

If your plan is paid monthly there is a waiting period and this is set out in your plan wording.